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1. Choose a firearm you want to buy on a website and add to cart. Proceed to checkout.

2. Choose your FFL Dealer.

           * Firearms cannot be shipped directly to your address, but to your local FFL dealer.

              any legitimate gun store or gun dealer nearby has an FFL license; pawn shops and collectors may also have them.

           * Contact the FFL dealer to check their fee's and pickup process

3. Pickup your firearm from the FFL dealer. You are required to show current State ID or Drivers Liceence in order to verify identity.

***** To purchase a rifle or shotgun you have to be18 or older, and 21 or older to purchase a hangun.*****

***** You must Check your local and State Laws.*****

4. Most states allow ammunition to be shipped directly to your home or place of business.

5. Keep in mind that federal law requires that you must be 18 years oldto purchase a shotgun, rifle ammuntion and 21 years old

    to purchase handgun ammunition